Able's Aces

Use a suitable camo, though they sometimes fail to update it in time, keeping an old paint scheme even though it's no longer relevant. They however always display the white and black highlights that are the trademark of the unit.

Canonized by Foxbat on 3/29/2008.


Ace's Darwin's Whipits

Always Faithful

April Fool's Brigade


Avanti's Angels

The Angels use a pristine white paint scheme with gold trim.

Per FM: Merc (revised), page 40

Bad Dream

Bannockburn's Bandits

Per FM: Merc (revised), page 41

Barber's Marauder IIs

Barrett's Fusiliers

The Battle Corps

Tan with blue highlights. A 'Mech's left leg, fighter's left wing, vehicle's left flank or Battle Armor's or Protomech's left side is customized by each warrior, most of which choose to display schemes of previous allegiances.

Per www.battlecorps.com

Battle Magic

Uniforms and equipment use a gold-on-black color scheme.

Per FM: Merc (revised), page 43