Dismal Disinherited

Warhammer WHM-4L / WHM-9S

Painted by: Gideon

Posted on: 4/1/2005 (15 years old)

This Warhammer belongs to Colonel John Marik-Johns. Though this machine is technically an 8D, the SRM 6 was swapped out for an alternate SRM 6 rack, and a searchlight array was added.

Color Scheme



The unit insignia shows a torch radiating rays of light in the darkness, and appears on the left shoulders of Disinherited ‘Mechs, the left sides of their vehicles and on the left wings of their fighters. Individual regimental insignias are worn on the opposite side. The insignia for the First Disinherited is a stylized insect wielding a rifle. The insignia of the Second Regiment is a booted foot standing on a fallen gravestone. The Third’s insignia shows the outline of a ‘Mech walking through a hellish blaze. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, pages 61-64.

Other References