Harcourt's Destructors

Warhammer WHM-4L / WHM-9S

Painted by: ogre

Posted on: 1/18/2008 (10 years old)

This 'Mech bears the insignia of the Destructor's 2nd Battalion, Drummond's Destroyers...a human fist bearing a mace. The mini was painted with Americana Medium Hauser Green and Americana Charcoal Grey, washed with black and highlighted with Americana Light Hauser Green and Cadet Grey.

Color Scheme



The Destructors’ insignia is a hand holding a mace aloft, set against a white field. The hand varies with the two battalions, appearing green and four-fingered for Harcourt’s Aliens, and distinctly pink and human for Drummond’s Destroyers. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, page 72.

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