Lyran Alliance

4th Alliance Guard RCT

King Crab KGC-000

Painted by: Cyttorak

Posted on: 12/21/2007 (11 years old)

This mini was painted using Delta Ceramcoat Blue Bayou (with a Navy Blue wash), Metallic 14K Gold, and Metallic Pewter.

Color Scheme



The Guards' insignia – the Alliance's mailed fist set against a starburst on a golden disc – appears on the right breast of each 'Mech, the turret or side of each vehicle, and the tail-plane of each aircraft. RCT, regimental and battalion affiliation markers are displayed directly below the Guards' emblem. The Fourth retains its original Federated Commonwealth emblem. Per FM:Lyran Alliance, pages 44 and 46.

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