Gray Death Legion

Avatar Resculpt AV1-O

Painted by: Insane Kangaroo

Posted on: 4/23/2008 (12 years old)

Miniature modified into walking pose. Feet used are from the reseen Marauder. New ankle joints made from Green Stuff.

Color Scheme



The Legion's trademark gray skull insignia is set over a red crest and emblazoned on the left shoulder of unit 'Mechs. A colored circle painted on the lower right leg identifies the battalion; yellow for first battalion, green for second, blue for third, and red for the Headquarters Company and regimental command lance. On the right shoulder, a warrior may paint a special unit crest (usually a company insignia). The two command units wear the Legion insignia on both shoulders.

Per FM:Mercenaries, page 56.

Other References


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