Lexington Combat Group

Arctic Fox AF-1

Painted by: Cyttorak

Posted on: 12/2/2008 (11 years old)

This mini was painted using Delta Ceramcoat Bright Red and Metallic Pewter, with Cardinal Red glazing on the panels and an overall Maroon wash.

Color Scheme



The LCG's insignia is a diagonal black stripe over white on a red shield, overlaid with a horizontal saber. The Thirty-Second Recon's insignia is a rabbit jumping over a crater on a blasted landscape. The insignia for the 241st Battle is a crossed torch and sword on a black background with a pair of red eyes staring out from the black. The 180th Dragoon's insignia is a war hammer set upon a rising sun. Per FM: Mercenaries Supplemental, pages 46-49.

Other References


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