Federated Suns

7th Crucis Lancers

Rakshasa MDG-1A

Painted by: wackrabbit

Posted on: 7/16/2010 (8 years old)

This model has been modified using IWM parts to represent the MDG-2A variant. Parts were used from the Rifleman 20-297 (2 x Left Arm, 1 X Right Arm), Daishi Resculpt 20-607RE (Right or Left Arm, carefully sut away the lasers from one of the arms and remove the autocannon, to represent the RAC barrels, then cut the shoulder from the upper arm of the Rakshasa model and sand it smooth to represent the RAC sleeve). The Ammo bin on the left shoulder was taken from the breech of a reseen Shadowhawk 20-301.

Color Scheme



The organization's insignia is a stylized general's baton set against a yellow flag. The unit's insignia is the Lancers flag with the initials "B.W.C." inscribed beneath. Per FM:Federated Suns, pages 66 and 73.

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