Special Projects

Operation Klondike

Banshee BNC-3E/BNC-3S

Painted by: 00Dawg

Posted on: 9/23/2011 (8 years old)

This miniature is painted in the colors of the Kerensky Dominion. BattleMechs of the dominion are painted in SLDF olive drab with white arms, symbolizing the purity of the ideals they still reach for. Green areas of this 'Mech were painted with Vallejo's Yellow Olive for a base coat, then Cayman Green. Brown Violet from the Model Color line provided the main highlight, while Camouflage Green was used for the final highlights. White areas were based with Leather White from Reaper's Master Series, then Linen White. Vallejo's Pure White provided some small highlights. Actuators and joints were painted in Reaper Gun Metal, and weapon barrels were done with Reaper's Master Series Gunmetal Blue. Hands were painted with Reaper's Master Series Blackened Steel.

Color Scheme


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